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Promotional Water

Branded water bottles are a great way of getting your brand message in front of your audience for extended periods of time. Everyone has to drink water to survive and most people enjoy a refreshing drink to quench their thirst. Branded water bottles offer an opportunity for your branded message to stay in sight of your audience longer. Bottles are mobile and are carried around and even refilled many times by people before disposing.

Branded water bottles are perfect as:

- Giveaways (For people who visit your trade stand or exhibit)
- Non-Alcoholic (A great option at your event (e.g. sports, fishing, concerts, festivals)
- Gifts (For your customers (e.g. Accommodation, Spas, Retreats)
- Fund-raising (Perfect as a fund-raising option for your organisation or club)
- Promotions (Product launch? Re-Branding? Our custom branded water would be just the right thing you need!)

Personalized bottled water is about creating a positive feeling around your brand through the branding of our delightfully smooth and refreshing water with your own distinctive label.

We source our water from public water systems and first send it through our Reverse Osmosis process, which effectively filters out dirt and chemicals in the water. From there, the water is sent through a potent UV Treatment process, killing the bacteria and resulting in a deliciously invigorating, pure hydrating drinking experience.

Our purified water labelled with your brand adds tremendous value to the overall image of your company and products, and is exceptionally effective for special events or for those in the hospitality or entertainment.

We have an energetic and highly creative team of Graphic Designers who will design a label that reflects your image brilliantly; creates a positive feeling around your brand; and gets the right information into the hands of your market. A label generally includes your logo, slogan and contact details. However, it all depends on the event you are running and your particular needs.

Established in 2015, we’ve proven ourselves as a leading supplier of personalised bottled water for promotional campaigns in a variety of sizes and bottling options. We provide branded bottled water in bulk for a wide range of clients including hotels, exhibitions, car showrooms and offices. We’re centrally placed to supply our clients across the length and breadth of the KZN with bespoke designed, branded bottled water to help promote their businesses.

We are always looking for new partnerships with water shops, small bottlers, and entrepreneurs across South Africa to deliver work opportunities and clean water. Support small, support local, support South African. Our friendly and efficient sales director, Pri Bhadersein will be with you every step of the way to make sure the finished product fits the bill. He can be contacted directly on 084-885-1000 or pri@universalevents.co.za